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The Kombi Couple

The Kombi Couple


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Custom Collection

A range of exisiting designs that can be customised to fit your special day.

Bespoke Design Service

A unique, personalised service offering a one off design just for you.

Print your own

We create the designs, send them over, you print yourself. easy.

How to Order

Gluten-free paleo gastropub authentic flexitarian fixie tote bag, scenester Cosby sweater irony locavore. Gentrify American Apparel craft beer aesthetic

To design your bespoke stationery we will meet with you over coffee and cake (if possible) or work closely with you online to discuss your ideas, colour schemes and theme to come up with a design that fits you and your day perfectly.
The bespoke service does require more time that our custom designs, so we recommend that you allow around 2 months for this service.

The bespoke service costs an upfront free of £150. This one off fee is payable at the beginning of the design process and is non-refundable. Once you are happy with your collection then you can purchase your stationery at the same rate as the custom designs.

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